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满足博士. 唐纳森


Dr. 唐纳森 uniquely combines his 俄亥俄州 roots and strong sense of community with world-class training and faculty exposure. He merges a personal attention to detail with warmth, 理解, 还有多年的临床经验.


在俄亥俄州的哥伦布市出生和长大. 唐纳森 graduated from Upper Arlington High School and attended Yale University where he majored in English with professors Harold Bloom and Robert Stone, played quarterback for coaching legend Carmen Cozza.

Dr. 唐纳森 pursued his medical degree at The 俄亥俄州 State University and a five-year general surgery residency at 缅因州 Medical Center in Portland, 缅因州. He was selected from more than 100 general surgeon applicants to train in plastic surgery fellowship at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. After completing this program, he was selected for a highly competitive oculoplastic & aesthetic surgery sub-specialty fellowship at Paces 整形手术 in Atlanta with Emory faculty members Drs. Mark Codner, Rod Hester, Sonny McCord and Foad Nahai.


Dr. 唐纳森 is renowned for his patient-centered approach to plastic surgery. Committed to 理解 each patient’s unique goals and concerns, he strives to create a personalized experience that goes beyond physical transformation. Driven by a passion for enhancing natural beauty and boosting self-confidence, he collaborates closely with his patients throughout every step of their aesthetic journey. His empathetic and attentive nature ensures that individuals feel heard and supported, 培养信任感和舒适感.

By prioritizing open communication and individualized care, Dr. 唐纳森 is not only dedicated to achieving stunning results but also bolstering the overall well-being and satisfaction of each person who entrusts him with their cosmetic aspirations.

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奖 & 区别

  • 唐纳森整形外科公司. 2023年、2022年、2021年、2020年、2019年、2018年5000人名单
  • 唐纳森整形外科 Makes Columbus’ Fast 50 2019, 2018, 2017
  • Dr. 唐纳森 Honored As One Of Columbus’ Forty Under 40
  • Dr. 杰弗里·唐纳森: Proud Winner Of The Angie’s List Super Service Award
  • “美国顶级整形外科医生”的认可
  • 唐纳森整形外科 Receives Fast 50 Recognition for Business Growth
  • America’s Most Compassionate Doctors – Patients’ Choice Award

博士联会. 唐纳森

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  • CMC Cosmetic and 整形手术 (Charlotte, NC)
  • 迪尔整形外科(北卡罗来纳州罗利)


Dr. 杰弗里·H. 唐纳森 and 唐纳森整形外科 believe strongly in giving back to the local community. 2011年,Dr。. 唐纳森成立了DPS在乎, a philanthropic extension of his successful plastic surgery practice in Columbus, 俄亥俄州. Through popular events such as the “Likes for Lives” campaign, DPS在乎 has donated thousands of dollars to local charities, 医院, 社区活动, 高中体育项目, 和更多的.

Dr. 唐纳森被选为 哥伦布商业第一 40 Under 40奖项计划.  This prestigious annual program honors up-and-coming professionals and community leaders. Honorees are evaluated on community service efforts and notable career achievements.


Dr. 唐纳森 continues to push his practice forward as a leading influence at the intersection of wellness and appearance. We invite you to request a consultation with him today.

Dr。. 唐纳森


Dr. 唐纳森 is always seeking to perfect his craft. 除了不断学习, 他教育澳洲幸运10正规官网开奖平台, 居民, 医学院学生和其他整形外科医生. He has appeared on television and written many articles as a subject-matter expert.