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你值得重生 & 让你的下眼圈焕发活力

你的眼睛是否让你看起来比实际感觉更累? 黑眼圈填料 is great for people who have hollow under eyes, prominent dark circles or slight eye bags. 也被称为撕裂槽增强, undereye filler is a minimally invasive solution where hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are safely injected underneath the eyes to restore lost volume and give a more refreshed and well-rested appearance.



你的填充专家:技能 & 经验决定一切

The most critical component of a successful undereye filler treatment is your injector’s experience and technique. The injectors at Donaldson整形外科 have over a decade of combined experience performing undereye fillers and enjoy a reputation for safely delivering consistent, 每次都是美丽自然的结果.


When it comes to undereye filler, small volumetric changes make a big difference. A tear trough augmentation subtly softens deep undereye hollows and is an excellent approach for freshening the appearance of the eyes in a nonsurgical manner. 眼下填充是一种很好的技术,用于纠正因老化而导致的体积损失, 还可以处理眼睛周围的褶皱和皱纹.


眼睛下面有三个小脂肪垫. 通过自然老化过程, 这些脂肪垫下降并减少, causing the lower eyelid to appear more hollow and vertically extended than it was before. The semicircle that forms are called a “tear trough,” which is what causes tired-looking eyes.


Some patients may be more prone to developing deeper infraorbital hollows due to their genetics or changes in facial musculature. Hollowness may also be caused by a downward displacement of the cheek’s fat pad, 所以你的注射器可能也会推荐 脸颊增大 在某些情况下完全纠正这些担忧. This technique achieves lid-cheek blending; the line that once separated the two are softened and smoothed, 年轻面孔的标志.

对于合适的澳洲幸运10正规官网开奖平台,眼部填充物可以提亮眼睛,使眼睛恢复活力. 黑眼圈填料 patients must have a true hollowing under the eyes due to volume loss to be a candidate for this treatment and they should have good skin elasticity. Patients who can benefit the most typically don’t need very much of a volumetric change to correct their concerns; otherwise, 他们可能是更好的候选人 黑眼圈手术.


许多常见的眼部问题并不能通过眼部填充物来解决, 包括眼部脂肪垫突出(眼袋), 中度至重度眼袋, 还有皮肤问题,比如色素沉着, 幼纹, 或者其他环境或遗传因素导致的黑眼圈. Experienced injectors are comfortable identifying appropriate candidates for undereye filler, comfortable recommending alternative treatments for which they may be better suited.

眼下手术(眼睑整容术),皮肤紧致(j -等离子),激光澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网肉毒杆菌微针 or 医用护肤品 对于更具体的眼部问题,是否有更好的替代疗法.

The cost for undereye filler will vary based on your individual aesthetic goals, 但澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网费用通常在700美元到1400美元之间. 在你的填充物咨询时, you will receive a quote for the treatment plan your aesthetic provider designs for you, you will also receive additional information on any treatment options that may interest you.


The amount of filler you will need is completely dependent on your individual goals for the area, 所以咨询是必要的,以确定. People with an average amount of hollowing will typically begin with one syringe of filler between the two eyes, 而有些可能需要每侧一个注射器.

当你来办公室做眼部填充手术的时候, 你的美容医生会给你做一个全脸检查, 他们会根据你的担忧提出澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网建议. 他们会向你解释澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网的所有步骤, 你所有的问题都会得到解答, 你可以在当天接受补牙澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网!

After the filler is placed, your provider may gently manipulate the filler into its ideal position. The filler is made of a malleable substance that is manually adjustable after placement in order to achieve optimal placement and distribution. 你可以立即看到你美丽的结果, 甚至在你离开的时候还会得到免费的补妆服务.

精准和完美对下眼圈很重要, 所以我们更喜欢用透明质酸填充泪液. 我们通常用软的, less dense filler to build volume in these areas to capture the softness of the lower eyelids. Volbella和Vollure来自 幼稚园填料集, 玻尿酸,或RHA是我们进行泪槽增大的首选填充剂.

一般来说,我们的澳洲幸运10正规官网开奖平台在眼下填充术中做得很好! We take every step to make sure you have a comfortable experience during the injection and an enhanced recovery afterward. 之前 the injection, the undereye area will be numbed using a topical anesthetic. The filler itself also contains a numbing agent to help control pain and discomfort during and after treatment.

任何填充物处理都有共同的风险, but this treatment is safe when performed by a well-trained injector who uses a blunt-tip cannula. The benefit of using a cannula with a blunt tip is that there is no chance of puncturing any delicate surrounding tissue or creating a vascular occlusion.

Cannula use in the undereye has become the standard of care for qualified injectors, 这大大减少了瘀伤的可能性.

Because the eyes are a sensitive area, swelling and bruising are to be expected. We usually recommend holding off on treatment if you have important plans coming up in the next two weeks. 填充物在澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网后的几天内摸起来会很结实, 这是完全正常的, 随着时间的推移,它会自然软化. 在接受眼部填充物后,给自己时间愈合总是明智的, 并建议看到你最好的结果.

眼部填充物澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网后立即可见效果, 我们应该期待美好的结果! The most important thing is to establish clear communication with your injector and you are bound to love the results of your tear trough augmentation.

然而, 如果你在澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网后还在怀疑自己的决定, simply call our office to set up a follow-up appointment to discuss options for adjustment or dissolving!

眼部填充物的平均使用时间为8到14个月. Most hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are indicated to last for approximately one year, but they may last longer or shorter depending on the metabolism and the facial anatomy of the patient.


If you struggle with looking tired or worn out due to the appearance of your eyes, 眼部填充物对你来说可能是一个很好的澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网方法! 我们邀请您与我们澳洲幸运10正规官网开奖平台,讨论您的选择.